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We Simplify Your B2B Operations

by fuelling growth, saving time, effort and money for your business

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Designed for B2B Operations

B2B Operations

A/R Management

Effortlessly streamline your account receivables with Netwise. Take control of outstanding payments, simplify collections, and automate reminders for overdue invoices. Ensure timely payments and optimize your cash flow for improved financial management.

Advanced Reporting

Unlock valuable financial data, customer payment trends, and sales performance analytics with Netwise's advanced reporting. Empower your decision-making, uncover improvement opportunities, and fuel your business growth with actionable insights.

Tailor-Made Invoicing

Craft and send custom invoices to your B2B clientele effortlessly through Netwise. Personalize your invoices to showcase your brand identity and elevate professionalism, fostering stronger customer connections.

Credit Control

Simplify your credit management procedures by utilizing Netwise's credit limit functionality. Enhance your ability to monitor and control credit risks, make sound credit decisions, and cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with your customers.

Team Collaboration

Empower your team with Netwise's flexible workflows, enabling them to choose assigned tasks. Combined with powerful collaboration features, foster seamless communication, efficient task allocation, and enhanced productivity.

Flexi Payment Options

Netwise empowers you to offer customized payment methods to your customers. Easily set up and manage diverse payment options tailored to your business needs. Streamline credit management, reduce payment risks, and foster financial relationships.

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Based on early stage research data**

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Netwise For Your B2B Business

4 Reasons

Simplified Navigation

Netwise offers a user-friendly interface, designed to simplify your tasks. With a clean layout and logical organization, managing your B2B  becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage Netwise's analytics for informed decisions. Gain insights on receivables and financial performance. Track metrics, identify trends, and drive data-driven decision making.

Collaborate with Ease

Facilitate seamless collaboration with Netwise. Empower real-time communication, task assignment, and information sharing for enhanced teamwork and cross-departmental collaboration.

Future-Proof Growth

Experience seamless scalability with Netwise. Our solution supports your business's growth, adapting to increased demand and new customers. Scale confidently and unlock limitless potential.

Based on early stage research data**

Integrations for Maximum Efficiency


Shopify plus

Seamless Shopify integration for effortless B2B payments and management.


Effortless accounting with seamless Quickbooks integration for accurate financial data.

Shopify plus

Seamless Shopify integration for effortless B2B payments and management.


Effortless accounting with seamless Quickbooks integration for accurate financial data.

Why Choose Netwise?

“It's a game-changer!”

Netwise has helped us to improve our cash flow and reduce our risk of bad debt. The analytics have given us valuable insights into our customer’s payment patterns. Truely a Game Changer!

“Highly Recommended”

Netwise's customer service is top-notch. They were always quick to help. The automation features have saved us time, and the analytics provide valuable insights. I highly recommend Netwise to anyone looking for a better way to manage their accounts receivable.

More Power To Your Business.

Build stronger customer relationships with Netwise. Customize your invoices, offer flexible payment options, and provide exceptional customer experiences. Strengthen trust and loyalty by delivering a personalized approach to your B2B interactions.

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